Imagine the ability to deliver your marketing message only to those customers and prospects you want, without paying for target_market1delivery to anyone else?

If you’ve used direct mail or telemarketing, you know this is possible and effective.  It’s also extremely expensive.  Direct mail may cost $500 CPM or more, and telemarketing often exceeds $2000 CPM.  Worse, direct mail ROI is gradually dropping, and telemarketing is increasingly stymied by regulation and prospect hostility.

Fortunately, a patent-pending technological development is revolutionizing targeted marketing.  It is now possible to deliver digital marketing messages-whether display ads or video-directly to your customer or prospect’s web-enabled device.  Unlike most digital marketing campaigns, you don’t have to show everyone in a city, suburb or neighborhood your ad…you can show them only to the people you specify.

We have access to a proprietary technology that allows us to match your customer’s web enabled device (smartphone, tablet or PC), to their physical address.  So if you want to market to an existing customer list, provide us with those addresses, we’ll append it with the customers’ device information, and send your ad just to those people…at 1/10th of the cost of direct mail or telemarketing, and with a far higher ROI.

Perhaps you’ve purchased a list of the ideal prospects for your business.  We can identify the IP addresses and devices associated with those prospects…not just their households, but their personal devices.  This way we increase the likelihood that your actual prospect is seeing your ads, rather than a spouse or family member.

This revolutionary approach to targeted digital ad delivery gives your organization a huge advantage.  You can roll out a marketing campaign with unmatched targeted audience quickly and inexpensively.  Plus, the tracking and analytical advantages are unrivaled.

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