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Invocabo is a direct response marketing agency headquartered in Nashville, TN. We help our partners acquire clients who spend more, stay longer and refer others like themselves through the use of proprietary predictive behavioral modeling and patented IP device targeting advertising technologies.


We believe marketing is the least appreciated and most undervalued and neglected area of most businesses. Even among the Fortune 500, marketing has taken a back seat to Sales in the last 20 years. We bring leading marketing strategies to help grow your business, improve your marketing ROI, improve the quality of leads, increase the average transaction value, and reduce attrition. While the press and many comfortable businesses are enthralled with processes, quality, efficiency and technology, we’re in love with old fashioned marketing strategies that grow your business and your bottom line.

Operating Philosophy

At Invocabo we practice value-based leadership. We have the ability to cultivate potential in others, helping them to transform their lives and businesses. Through our work with clients and partners, we work to positively impact the lives of those we influence. To do so requires us, as leaders, advisors and consultants, to make a conscious choice to work first on ourselves, ensuring our own state of awareness and alignment with our core principles so we may in turn ignite the potential in others. It is these core beliefs that serve as the foundation to our business model.

Invocabo: The marketing partner you deserve.
Our proprietary behavioral modeling process and patented IP device targeting advertising technology allows us to identify prospective customers who most closely resemble your current ideal customers, and then target them with the most powerful and effective advertising platform in the world.
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Our Service

Our Services

We employ proven direct response marketing strategies that speak to your audience with credibility and persuasion, and utilize the latest technology to deliver that message with precision, transparency and efficacy.


Our clients enjoy the benefit of expert-level Pay Per Click management services with ROIs that often reach 10x the ad spend.
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Social Media

Social media technologies on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram provide unparalleled opportunities for consumer and B2B targeting,
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Strong copy remains one of the critical components to the effectiveness of a website, a physical sales piece, email, social media and ad content.
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IP Device Target Marketing

Imagine the ability to deliver your marketing message only to those customers and prospects you want, without paying for delivery to anyone else?
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Data Hygiene

As your lists and data assets grow, your need for data hygiene does as well. If your data is stale, your conversions fall, you’re wasting money, your IP addresses can be banned, and your campaigns suffer.
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Digital Advertising

One of the fastest growing advertising mediums is the internet, which includes everything from banner ads to the patent-pending IP Device Targeting.
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Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the top sources of customer acquisition and online revenue development.
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Direct Mail

Long one of the most profitable and scalable marketing methods, direct mail remains immensely effective with proper execution.
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Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wished you could turn your sales and marketing operation over to a team of experts?
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TV & Radio

If you operate a local business or need to scale beyond other marketing channels, local TV and Radio can be a powerful marketing medium.
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Lead Generation

Technology has made possible degrees of automation never before dreamed of. One of the most powerful application of technology and effective content is through the use of a lead generation
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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing allows you to leverage your existing product and services inventory to a an unprecedented scale by piggybacking on the lists, audience ..
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Our Service


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Case Study

Case Studies

Our proprietary processes and patented technology allows for unparalleled levels of transparency and verification.

Case Study: Higher Education
Higher Education Case Study
Private School Case Study
Case Study: Political
Case Study: Non Profit
Case Study: HVAC and Plumbing
Home Improvement Case Study
Case Study: Home GYM Retailer
Case Study: Regional Bank
Case Study: Automotive Industry
Case Study

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